Charter Management

To offer the yacht for charter is a popular and wise decision for yacht owners

Everything possible is being done for the yacht to bring not only pleasure but profit as well, or at least compensate the cost of its servicing

Offering a yacht for charter allows to considerably reduce its maintenance expenses. If the yacht is competently promoted, it is possible to get profits from the charter. Besides, the yacht’s popularity on the charter market increases the sales price. The Yacht Hunter experts develop an individual promotional plan for each yacht, based on its features, the client’s goals, and the up-to-date information we gather when visiting the yacht.

The yacht charter management services include:

We develop a strategy of yacht promotion on the charter market based on the atmosphere, the unique style, and the characteristics of each yacht

  • Making up the charter schedule based on how you wish to use your yacht, plans for technical inspections. We’ll think out yacht logistics.
  • Calculating the optimal cost of the yacht charter. We’ll take upon ourselves everything related to drawing up and signing charter contracts as well as finance management.
  • Looking for clients. The marketing department of Yacht Hunter will take upon itself the task of competent yacht promotion on the charter market. We’ll prepare printed and digital materials, i.e. booklets and business cards, we’ll create a personal yacht’s page on the Internet as well as on social networking websites. We’ll arrange a photo session as well as the yacht’s promotion in relevant magazines and on websites with the help of contextual advertising in browsers.
  • Keeping the yacht’s booking schedule – timely processing of requests for yacht charter. The Yacht Hunter specialists will take upon themselves all tasks related to talks to get the most advantageous conditions for the owner. Besides, we regularly communicate with the crew to fully monitor all risks and provide an excellent reputation for the yacht. 

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