FAQ: Chartering a Yacht

A yacht provides you with unprecedented access to lots of places that are beyond compare, most of which you can only reach by water. Compared to having a holiday onshore, chartering a yacht lets you enjoy lots of different places, all while staying in the same luxurious conditions. You won’t depend on the availability of tourist infrastructure when you depart. Thanks to the increased popularity of special expedition yachts, you can easily reach even the farthest ends of our planet.

In fact, choosing a yacht for a holiday is a difficult and rather crucial decision. No two yachts are alike; each has its own disposition. Use Yacht Hunter’s handy filter and then get in touch with us for a more detailed consultation about the yachts you are interested in. Our consultants keep their eye on the ball when it comes to chartering luxury yachts and are here to help you find the yacht you deserve.

The cost of chartering a yacht is made up of the charter rate and additional costs - APA and VAT.

  • The charter rate includes payment for the yacht charter, crew’s services, and equipment. 
  • APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) consists of operational expenses including fuel, supplies, communication means, and stops at ports. As a rule, APA accounts for 30% of the hiring cost and its expenses depend SOLELY ON GUESTS' PREFERENCES. 
  • VAT is added to the cost of chartering a yacht. Each country has its own rates and conditions for VAT:

VAT Overview - 2024:

Montenegro - 0%
Turkey - 0-20% (depends on the yacht's flag)
Greece - 5-13%
Croatia - 13%
France and Monaco - 20%
Spain - 21%
Italy - 22%
Maldives - 12%
Bahamas - 14%

Yacht hire is subject to agreement. As soon as we confirm that the yacht is available for your desired dates, our Yacht Hunter consultants will send you a Charter Agreement (Contract) and a request to pay a deposit that will guarantee the yacht for you. 

The deposit is 50% of the total amount for the yacht charter. Please note: we can only reserve a yacht for you upon payment of the deposit The balance of 50% and other charges will be collected a month before the start of your trip.

Yacht Hunter’s skillful advisers will be at your service! They will provide you with assistance at each stage of your unforgettable cruise. 

First, fix the dates of your trip, destination, number of guests, and yacht size. Using the handy filter on our website, select your yacht of choice and click on ‘Book’. Your request will be sent to our Yacht Hunter consultants. They will find out if the yacht is available for your dates and ring you back to coordinate the next simple steps.

The yacht charter period depends on the yacht calendar, i.e. on its availability. You won’t be able to hire a yacht for dates when it is already reserved. In most cases, a yacht is reserved for one to two weeks. A yacht may be reserved for a shorter or longer period. Let’s say you want to travel around the world.

You can choose any day to start your charter – provided the yacht is available on your dates. 

Most people charter a yacht for one to two weeks, but that’s by no means a general rule. The key factor is whether the yacht is available on your dates.

If you decide to cancel your charter, a yacht owner may hold the deposit or total cost, depending on the dates for when the cancellation is made. A yacht owner may retain the deposit or total cost of the yacht charter but will reimburse all additional expenses.

You may change the dates only if a yacht is free on the dates you have chosen. Our Yacht Hunter consultants will make every effort to change the dates of a yacht charter at no additional expense.

  1. Decide where you want to go, when and with who. The number of guests is very important as it will impact the number of cabins required on the yacht. Also, think about the type of vacation you are looking to enjoy, any activities you would like to do while on board and if there are specific amenities you are looking for on a yacht.
  2. Our team will provide you with a selection of first-class yachts with highly professional crew, that will best fit your needs, based on the requirements and criteria.
  3. Select your yacht, sign the Charter Agreement, secure a 50% deposit and finalise your booking. The balance will be due 4 weeks prior to embarkation.
  4. Share your itinerary, travel, food and beverages preferences with your Charter consultant. Your preferences will be forwarded to the crew so that they are aware of your interests and requirements. The more details you can provide in advance, the better the crew will be prepared for your arrival.
  5. A pre-boarding information will be sent before your arrival. Pack your bags and your yacht will await for you on the other side.

There are 4 parties that agree to, and sign, charter contract:
1) The yacht Owner
2) The Charterer
3) The Charter Broker
4) The Stakeholder

A stakeholder is an entity that holds the funds until the charter commences. The stakeholder has an escrow or dedicated client account established by the central agent for holding the funds on behalf of the client until the consummation or termination of a transaction.