Yacht Management

We take upon ourselves all issues related to administrative, financial, and legal management of your yacht

We’ll take upon ourselves the task of caring for your yacht, giving you the chance to enjoy the time on board

Yacht management is the operational, technical, financial management of your yacht. Payment for yacht berthing at the port, search and selection of the crew, yacht maintenance, monitoring changes in the legislation of the country under whose flag the yacht sails, insurance are just a small part of tasks requiring handling on a permanent basis. Handling such tasks is energy-intensive, takes a lot of time as it requires certain knowledge and contacts.
Yacht Hunter provides yacht management services for 20 m+ yachts, handling all tasks related to their run and maintenance. Yacht management services include complex services in all areas, i.e. operational management; round-the-clock emergency response service, technical support, paperwork, dealing with the crew.

Yacht operational management services include:

  • Yacht registration, certification.
  • Crew selection: search, contract signing, calculation of wages, insurance, transfer, visas.
  • Working out and coordinating the yacht’s schedule and route. Berth search and booking. Obtaining permits.
  • Purchase of fuel. Purchase of food.
  • Yacht insurance.
  • Observance of legal demands of the country of the yacht’s jurisdiction.
  • Meeting the owner’s requests.

Yacht technical management services include:

  • Planned maintenance. Arrangement of regular yacht inspections. Evaluations of the use efficiency.
  • Arrangement of yacht maintenance.
  • Timely yacht repairs: looking for contractors, purchase of component parts. Quality control and monitoring the time limits of repairs.

Yacht finance management include:

  • Monitoring budget expenses. Check-up of expenses on board.
  • Drawing up periodical (monthly and annual) reports on the yacht’s budget expenses.
  • Recommendations for budget optimization.
  • Payment of wages to the crew, for transfer of contractors, purchase of component parts.
  • We help clients to be well-informed about the latest legal changes to minimize any possible risks and expenses.

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