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We’ll sell your yacht quickly and profitably

Yacht selling is a difficult and complex task. Sure, every owner wants to get the best offer for their yacht. The right solution is to engage the support of professionals who will help to establish the objective yacht cost and competently put the yacht on the market. Yacht Hunter is the perfect partner to sell your yacht.

Yacht sale may be divided into several stages:

Choosing your yacht broker

Yacht Hunter guarantees success when selling yachts of each one of our demanding clients

The first important step is the appointment of your yacht broker (or Central Yacht Agent). The right yacht broker knows the market excellently and keeps informed about the latest trends and market figures as well as has access to the broker databases worldwide and is supported by a strong marketing team. Your broker will represent the yacht on your behalf, fighting for your interests and wishes as their own during the whole period of your agreement. The Yacht Hunter brokers take upon themselves all tasks related to looking for a buyer, arrangement of yacht viewings, negotiating the set price, and drawing up the purchase and sale agreement.

Yacht cost determination

Your Yacht Hunter broker knows your yacht as their own and fights for your price both at the yacht promotion stage and during talks with potential buyers

Each yacht is unique and has special features and advantages. Two yachts that seem alike may have a considerably different cost and potential. There are various strategies for yacht sale, but it is necessary to always remember how important it is to “stay on the market”, especially if you can’t wait long. Listen to your broker, trust their experience. The Yacht Hunter consultants based on their many years of experience and expertise in the brokerage market will tell you the optimal cost of your yacht, substantiating their offer, recommend how to increase the cost of your yacht, and offer the most reliable promotion strategy.

Yacht entry into the market

We take caution for potential clients to have no doubts about the integrity of the purchase and sale deal

Your Yacht Hunter broker will focus on the yacht’s strong characteristics and use all the required marketing methods for the yacht’s promotion, and look after your yacht’s efficient promotion on the market. They will be available for buyers 24/7.

The individually chosen promotion strategy ensures the yacht really stands out on the market. Using the whole range of marketing technologies for quick and successful yacht sale we are ready to:

  • Create your yacht’s web page on the Yacht Hunter website. We’ll place information about your yacht on all industry platforms, advertising boards.
  • Place information about your yacht in all industry online and printed magazines. We’ll tell the history of your yacht and highlight its strong characteristics and special features.
  • Develop digital campaigns in Yandex and Google to attract clients to your yacht’s page on the Yacht Hunter website.
  • Prepare materials to periodically e-mail to Yacht Hunter brokers and clients worldwide.
  • Keep offline events. We’ll make arrangements for your yacht to take part in industry shows and exhibitions. We’ll arrange open-door days and private viewings.


As we take upon ourselves all tasks related to looking for a buyer, yacht viewing, negotiating the set price, and drawing up the purchase and sale agreement, you only have to wait until your Yacht Hunter broker informs you about the date of the deal.

Contract signing

Yacht Hunter brokers are capable of conducting talks at the highest level, making their clients’ wishes come true and bringing to life all original agreements

In the process of yacht sale, a broker gets various offers from potential buyers. The starting price is always a subject for bargaining. The Central Yacht Agent receives letters of intent and discusses each worth considering offer with the owner. A decision is taken to go on or not to go on dealing with this client. In case of a compromise, the buyer has the right to survey. They may do that on the condition of depositing a returnable amount for the yacht survey (within 10% of the cost). Viewings are arranged by your Yacht Hunter broker: they make arrangements with the captain, coordinate meetings. Once the buyer is satisfied with everything and they are ready to buy the yacht, the broker arranges the deal and before that checks up the legal purity of the buyer. The yacht is transferred upon the money receipt into your account.

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