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Yacht building is a captivating and large-scale task requiring permanent control and attention to details

We share your vision and offer our competence: from the idea to bringing to life, trials, and delivery of your new yacht to you

Building a yacht on requests is a complex production process. Allow the Yacht Hunter professionals to become your guides: we are ready to represent your interests from the idea on paper to yacht launching, monitor all stages of your future yacht construction.

Just as every project, every yacht is a unique request including a personal client’s requirements, future operating conditions, a special vision of the yacht design. Competent and all-around communications between the client, design team, and shipyard are a guarantee for successful yacht building. The Yacht Hunter experts will combine the owner’s expectations and requirements for the future yacht, choose a suitable shipyard, and invite the most suitable in spirit designer team.

Yacht Hunter, being a link between the participants of the yacht building process, will provide fulfillment of all obligations, observance of specifications, monitor quality and efficiency of work, expenses, and keep the construction time-limits.

Yacht building services include:

  • Development of the yacht project;
  • Signing contracts with contractors and equipment suppliers;
  • Control over keeping the time-limits and project requirements;
  • Finance management, including control over expenses;
  • Yacht trials.
  • Checking conformity with certification standards, assistance with the vessel’s registration;
  • Delivery to the owner;
  • Guarantee services.

We control risks allowing you to get only pleasure from the building process

The Yacht Hunter experts provide comprehensive support and are ready to share practical recommendations: from selecting the material for the hull, the layout of the engine room, shade of the varnish-and-paint materials to the selection of the country under whose flag to register the yacht or vessel classification. You can fully trust the Yacht Hunter team or take part in the building process. In any case, you’ll have full access to the project, schedule, and get monthly reports on the construction course.

In order to considerably reduce the waiting time, the Yacht Hunter consultants may offer yachts on the stage of construction. This option also you to customize the yacht according to your wishes without losing your time on waiting.

Yacht building stages:

  1. The first and one of the most important stages is a determination of the client’s requirements. All yachts sail on water, but the use by their owners is a unique and personal history. It is important for us to understand the client’s vision of their recreation on board. At this stage, the client should understand if the yacht will make transatlantic crossings, what speed the yacht will travel at, how many guest cabins are planned… Besides, the supposed construction cost, customization degree, required delivery time, special features of the future yacht use are presented at this stage. Guided by the client’s requirements, we check up the availability and the degree of readiness of yacht hulls and models at the yards as well as look for optimal designers and offer several variants for bringing to life.
  2. Design. After the contract is signed, the Yacht Hunter specialists come to the detailed development of the project. On average, design takes at least two months. The yacht layout is extremely important: it is required to take into account not only the owner’s wishes but specifications as well. They should be competently balanced for the yacht to provide comfort, safety, and privacy.
  3. Construction. We provide full control at each stage and present detailed reports during the whole construction period. The Yacht Hunter team also provides intermediate control at all construction stages, monitoring the delivery of component parts. Small corrections of the project are possible to apply at this stage.
  4. Acceptance. Transfer of the yacht to the owner. The first check-ups begin the moment the yacht is launched. Protocols of comments and time limits for corrective actions are drawn up at each stage of the survey.

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