North America

North America

Charter a yacht in North America offers many options and locations: it is primarily the United States, washed by the Pacific Ocean from the west, and the Atlantic Ocean from the east. The USA is the land of opportunity – and for a charter yacht vacation, the opportunities truly are endless. Dozens of cultures have met on the same land, and now their synergy and polyphony make the States so attractive.
North of the States is Canada, a region with a huge coastline, the northern landscapes.
To the south of the United States - the land of the lost civilizations of the Aztecs and Mayans, burning and colorful Mexico. It offers a tropical climate and sandy beaches along with an eclectic culture.

With a charter yacht, you can tailor the trip to suit your desires.
Exploring the New England coast onboard a superyacht is an experience like no other, you can discover some of the best beaches the area has to offer.
With a superyacht able to take guests to stunning locations fishing in New England is unrivaled for beginners and the experienced angler looking for big game fishing alike.

One of the most popular US destinations to spend a charter through Florida can be both an off-grid adventure fishing and diving or a social vacation exploring its vibrant cities.

Mexico is a country of contrasts. Home to incredible ruins, hedonistic resorts, and beautiful beaches, a Mexico yacht charter will allow you to experience everything that the country has to offer.