It is one of the leading shipbuilding companies in the United Kingdom

The experience passed on from generation to generation and exceptional attention to details as well as striving for perfection and assistance to clients in yacht’s customization are values transmitted by Sunseeker when creating its yachts.

Founding date: 1969

Location: UK


Specialties: Semi-custom and custom motoryachts

One of the leading shipbuilding companies Sunseeker was founded by Robert Braithwaite and his brother John Braithwaite. The company has been at the forefront of yachting trends several times. Thus, a completely new type of cruiser was developed in the 1970s; the characteristics of that cruiser’s hull set forth a new standard for high-performance yachts. In the 1980s, guided by the yacht owners’ wishes, the company focused on entertainment and communication on board, highlighting the cockpit area. In the 1990s, Sunseeker set the standard for the original and stylish yacht design, enhancing its status as one of the leading world yards. The Sunseeker yacht design with its soft shapes and curved precipitate silhouettes was borrowed from the automotive design. Renegade 60 is the first series yacht with two powerful engines, combining style, high performance, and excellent maneuverability. In the 2000s, Sunseeker launched its biggest motor yacht 105 Yacht which received the most prestigious awards for design. Even bigger superyachts followed, such as 37M Yacht, inspiring the new generation of yacht builders. Today, the company is developing and perfecting itself further, focusing its attention on technical solutions and its yachts’ design.

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