At the heart of the Azimut Benetti Group’s success lie its love for what it does, care for yacht owners, and wish to experiment with new technologies and always surpass itself

Founding date: 1969

Location: Italy


Specialties: Semi displacement yachts from 10 to 40 meters

The founder of Azimut Yachts is Paolo Vitelli. It did not take the company long to burst into the yacht market, which it did nearly at once with its first fiberglass production motor boat model AZ 43 Bali. In the 1970s – the 1980s, Azimut operated in two segments: the production of small boats and long motor yachts. Azimut 105 Failaka became the biggest series yacht made of fiberglass. In 1985, Azimut bought the legendary family yard Benetti, the history of which dates back to 1873 and which specialized in superyachts. Combining traditions and innovations, the successful tandem of the Azimut Benetti Group set forth many yachting trends and innovative solutions that are perceived today as given: big frameless windows, power-operated seats, finishing, and approach to cabin design. Today, Azimut offers the fullest choice of yachts in the world: from small motorboats to superyachts from glass fiber reinforced plastic. Elegant design and optimum performance are what make the Azimut yachts so special.