The Admiral brand is the embodiment of luxury, quality, and design, Admiral yachts are valued for their elegance and classical style

Founding date: 1966

Location: Italy


Specialties: Superyachts, displacement yachts from 20 to 100 meters

Admiral, a subsidiary of the Italian Sea Group, is the leading shipyard of the company, which also includes Tecnomar and NCA Refit. With a track record of over 570 yacht launches, the ISG has established itself as the largest international shipbuilding company.

Admiral currently boasts a diverse range of 18 yacht series, constructed using steel and aluminum, with both displacement and semi-displacement production techniques. Their semi-custom models span a length range of 40 to 95 meters.

The company's hallmark is its commitment to quality and meticulous attention to detail, embodying the finest of Italian craftsmanship. The Admiral brand truly exemplifies the essence of "Made in Italy."

"Attention to details at every step guarantees efficiency and quality” is the Italian Sea Group’s and Admiral brand’s philosophy

In the 1950s, Cantieri Navali Lavagna, a company renowned for its wooden yachts, expanded into the yacht building market under the brands Arcobaleno Super and President. In 1966, Admiral, their first wooden yacht, measuring 18 meters in length, was launched. By the late 1970s, Admiral ventured into constructing yachts much larger than the average 18-meter vessels. Their first such yacht, the 34-meter wooden MAU MAU, boasted a top speed of 32 knots, an impressive feat for that time.

Admiral focused on building high-performance and safe yachts, and started incorporating light alloys like steel and aluminum, ensuring that their yachts were sturdy and fast. In 1982, the company launched a 23-meter yacht made of aluminum alloy.

In 2011, Admiral was acquired by the Italian Sea Group.

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