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Key Cruising Areas

From the slender minarets and ancient domes of the mosques underlining the endless purple sky, to fruitful flatlands where cotton, vine and olives grow. Located on a geographical and cultural junction between Europe and Asia, Turkey has combined the best of both cultures in an astonishing way. Walk in the footsteps of the Silk Road traders, Julius Caesar and Alexander the Great to discover ancient ruins, dazzling harbors and vibrant cities filled with energy and color.

Yacht Hunter recommends

The cruise areas of Turkey's southern coastline are a popular destination for luxury yacht charters. On board a private yacht, you will discover a very different Turkey: one that is dramatic and multifaceted. Its hidden bays, quite on-shore villages and picturesque scenery are in perfect harmony with present-day splendour of top-class hotels.
This region offers an amazing combination of modernity and a deep immersion in history, from shopping in authentic oriental bazaars to noisy fashion parties. Turkey's heady charm and diverse attractions ensure a relaxing holiday, no matter what you do.


Bodrum is famous for its nightlife and is often compared to the French Riviera. In Bodrum, there are just as many cosmopolitan bars, amazing restaurants and boutiques as there are historic and cultural sites. The embankment is full of amazing restaurants, that during the summer months are humming with the voices of those who have gone ashore from their exclusive yachts for a few hours to blend in with the atmosphere of drive, noise and excitement.
Bodrum has an extensive history. Visit the ruins of the Mausoleum in Halicarnassus. This ancient tomb, dated back to 353-350 BC, was declared one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and today is one of the most famous sites of interest in Turkey. Soak up the atmosphere of the ancient world, then head to the Sultan Turkish baths and indulge in a traditional bathing ritual.


Occupying the site of ancient Telmessos, Fethiye is rich in historical sites. The impressive cliffs around the city still contain the carvings of magnificent rock tombs.
The natural harbour is said to be one of the best in the region. Most of the coastline can only be reached by yacht, making it a favorite stop on yacht charter routes. The harbor also serves as an ideal base for getting acquainted with Fethiye Bay, famous for its Twelve islands.
Drop anchor in the isolated waters of the neighboring Scopea Limani Bay. Spend the afternoon lying in the sun or snorkeling. A popular stop here is called Kapi-Creek. Enjoy meals in a restaurant built over the water that boasts magnificent views of the surrounding hills and calm waters.


When it comes to a charter holiday in Turkey, Marmaris needs no introduction. Located in the very heart of the Turkish Riviera, the town of Marmaris is crowned by the famous Ottoman Castle, offering magnificent sea views.
No matter what you’re looking for, this port city has everything you need: from gorgeous historic sights to picturesque natural beauty and the vibrating energy of Bar Street. Marmaris is also a popular destination for lovers of diving. There are around 52 locations for diving here. One of the most famous is The Baca Cave, also known as “The Chimney”, with a depth ranging from 5 - 50 meters, making it ideal for both novices and experienced divers. Of course, there is loads to do onshore, too. Don’t miss your chance to haggle in the Grand Bazar.
After an active day, there is no better way to recover your strength than at a traditional Turkish hammam. Marley Maris Suleymaniye Hamami Hotel will help you to enjoy a massage.


Göcek, with its elegant atmosphere, is without a doubt the favorite destination of all sophisticated travelers. It has the charm of a sleepy Mediterranean fishing settlement where numerous hotels, restaurants and shops have recently appeared, increasing the atmosphere of splendor. Here, you will find lots of exquisite places to have lunch on the quay. Order the house special mezze plate in Omer’s and enjoy it while sipping a glass of raki. Amigo’s restaurant can only be reached by water. Pilot your yacht here, and the landlord will meet you offering you a traditional hotpot made of wild boar.
The city lacks its own sandy beach, but this only means that it has not become a tourist trap and remains one of the best places for yachting in the East Mediterranean. Göchek boasts a wide array of modern marinas for yachts. Renting a yacht to Göcek Bay is the perfect way to explore the many islands that are located here, with countless deserted beaches.


Istanbul is a world of wonders. Steeped in ancient history, this megapolis is a veritable treasury, housing lots of sites of interest and architectural masterpieces. Be inspired by the love of this city in the books of Elchin Safarli and go ashore to plunge into the magic of this unique place. Visit the relics of the Ottoman Empire, the amazingly well-preserved Byzantine churches, and bustling markets bursting with aromas of spices.

In Istanbul, tradition and modernity live side by side, and architectural wonders morph into gorgeous villas and exclusive restaurants. Enjoy a strong, bitter Turkish coffee, visit Topkapi Palace, and see the breathtaking frescoes of the Chora Museum. Walkthrough the Blue Mosque and its atmosphere of humility, ride a retro tram and end the day at the 5-star spa.

Local Сuisine

Dessert in Turkey is akin to a local ritual, and confectionery is an unmissable, integral part of the national cuisine. Try baklava with walnuts in syrup or Levantine biscuits paired with strong bitter Turkish coffee.