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There are few places on Earth where the stunning landscapes of coastal towns, picturesque coastlines fringed by the blue sea and the luxury of high-end shops, art galleries and historical sites are so harmoniously and easily intertwined. The old and the new rarely go together so amicably. Do not miss your chance to dive into this striking mix.

A luxury yacht charter in Italy turns an ordinary trip into a personal cruise. You relax in a comfortable rhythm, make your own schedule, decide where to go next. The crew will help to draw up an individual route. Thus, the best view of the picturesque reserve "Cinque Terre" with colorful houses piled on top of each other and flowering vineyards opens precisely from the sea. And some beaches have no other access at all.

Imagine lounging

on the sun a yacht onboard in Sardinia, close to grottoes and underwater caves inaccessible from land. You slowly taste the local Italian wine. Anxiety and bustle are left somewhere far behind, nothing bothers you, you are completely relaxed. Then you decide to go to Sicily. The yacht carries you through the endless sea to the active volcano on Mount Etna. It doesn't matter which direction you choose - with a private yacht everything is available to you.

Local Cuisine

Italian cuisine is bold and hearty, but not heavy. It has a rich palette of taste and texture. The hardest part about eating in Italy is that you can't taste everything at once. Your options are limited by the size of your stomach, with an endless number of Italian dishes that you “absolutely must try”.

From regional specialties to the finest seasonal delicacies, it will take you multiple lives to taste all the best Italian food before you even think about dessert and drinks.

You will be greeted by Michelin-starred gourmet restaurants serving gourmet meals; as well as traditional pizzerias imbued with the irrepressible energy of the locals. Ask the captain to reserve a table at one of the restaurants on the coast. Trust the recommendations - and go on a small culinary journey for the evening.


The pearl of the Ligurian coast is the small town of Portofino, which used to be a modest fisherman’s village. Majestic snow-white yachts coming into the town’s small bay stand side by side with colorful fishing boats that, even today, leave the port every morning to catch fish. The harbor of Portofino is where you can find a real gourmet restaurant with the freshest seafood. One of the best exclusive restaurants we advise you to visit is Da Puny. After lunch, why not take a walk to the lighthouse to enjoy the view of the town. 


Sanremo offers its visitors glamorous and decadent relaxation. The harbor, where shining yachts have lined up to its exquisite architecture, is dominated by the luxurious atmosphere of Sanremo. Try your luck at the Casino Sanremo. Or enjoy a performance by a symphony orchestra at the Opera Theatre. 

Here you will find everything your heart desires: from cozy pizzerias with small terraces to gourmet Michelin-star restaurants.


The Ligurian coast is dotted with small, charming towns. Genoa stands out among them as a fast-growing and fascinating city with a unique energy. Narrow winding streets intersect with busy main roads. The vibrant port offers a contrast to the small, cozy squares cradled by amazing cafes. Impressive architectural landmarks stand side by side with exclusive boutiques.  Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the big city with its distinct culture, shopping in designer stores and dynamic nightlife. And if you get tired of the hustle and bustle, embark on your yacht for a measured trip along the Ligurian coast. 

Porto Venere

Porto Venere is a paradise for those being fond of researching the sea bosom: near-shore bays offer lots of corals, protected species of flora and fauna, caverns. Fun on the water is as good as underwater exploration: visit one of Portovenere's most famous landmarks, Byron's Grotto. It can only be reached by boat. This mini-trip with a look into the natural caves and the extraordinary beauty of the water will leave everyone with a lasting impression. Go ashore, and you won’t be disappointed. Gaze at Saint Peter’s Church rising high above the bay, known for its unusual interior in the Genovese Gothic style. 

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy’s National Conservation Area and a UNESCO World Heritage site, consists of five villages: Monte Rosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore create an unforgettable experience for their visitors. 18 kilometers of shoreline with isolated beaches and colorful houses built on the cliffs are connected by winding footpaths. 

It’s not easy to get into this Conservation Area. The best way is to come on a yacht by sea, which will let you freely explore the hard-to-reach coves and beaches in complete comfort, unaffected by toilsome treks across mountain paths, or the crowded trains traveling between these five villages — the only ground transport allowed in this area.


Sardinia is the best place for relaxing on a private yacht. Most of Sardinia’s shoreline is a wildlife preserve, with kilometers of beaches and grottos reachable only by water. There are the rugged cliffs of the Costa Smeralda, with its white sandy beaches and breathtaking turquoise waters. The luxury and limited access by land to the Costa Smeralda has made it particularly popular for luxury yacht charters. Its visitors can participate in a regatta or enjoy sandy beach parties, mingling with the owners of the most beautiful yachts ever built. Sardinia is the South of France’s main competition. Models, celebrities, businessmen and jet setters often visit this region.


Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is an autonomous region of Italy. The impressive Mount Etna, Europe's constantly active volcano, is undoubtedly worth a visit.

Sicily’s unique geographic position, surrounded by three seas, led to its rich history of invasions and conquests. The traces of various Mediterranean cultures have tightly intertwined with the island’s Italian culture: from its food to its architecture, art and music. Compared with other Italian cities, here you will enjoy simple pleasures of peasant life away from the hustle and bustle of crowds of tourists.


Capri's rocky coastline is ideal for snorkeling. Take a yacht around the island and visit the sea caves hidden by the coastline. Visit the Blue Grotto in the late evening to escape the crowds and make the most of the evening light that turns the water into a stunning blue. If exploring coastal waters isn't enough for you, head to the shore. Today Capri is an important point of the popular route of private yachts - luxury hotels and boutiques are built on the island, the island is strewn with art galleries. In addition, Capri offers a range of delicious restaurants to suit all tastes.


Naples is a great choice for art and history buffs. The city is famous for its art galleries and historical sites. In addition, Naples is the birthplace of pizza.

Naples' poster is replete with colorful festivals. But to avoid the crowds of tourists, plan your vacation during the off-season (March-June or October-September).


Amalfi Coast is considered one of the best Italian destinations for a private yacht charter.

Naples, Positano, Amalfi, Capri, Ischia and historic Pompeii are some of the most beautiful destinations for a possible charter yacht route along this coast: cliffs rising from the deep blue sea, picturesque cities with churches jutting out on the slopes of green cliffs and numerous architectural landmarks.

Amalfi offers luxury resorts, top boutiques and the best fine dining restaurants.

We have developed a convenient online tool where you can find yachts available for the dates you are interested in. Choose your preferred option from more than 1500 motor and sailing yachts available. Rent a luxury yacht in Italy to make your dream vacation come true!