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Rich with culture, peppered with extraordinary ancient ruins, and adorned with a stunning coastline, Greece is a must-visit yacht charter destination. Hills dotted with whitewashed houses, picturesque churches, and iconic windmills fill the landscape. Gorgeous azure-colored waters, and white sandy or pebbled beaches, please even the most demanding guests. Get lost in winding cobblestone alleyways, revel in sumptuous Mediterranean cuisine, and have a taste of the laid-back lifestyle that characterizes the locals. Ready to immerse yourself in the Greek summer and see what it’s all about? A luxury yacht charter is the best way to travel in comfort and style while you discover the astounding number of 6000 beautiful Greek islands. Unpack only once, and hop from one splendid island to the next, enjoying idyllic beaches, crystalline waters, and private coves, as well as seasoned nightlife and hearty local taverns.

Reasons to visit Greece

Greece is comprised of the mainland, which is home to the revered Acropolis, and a number of islands, segregated into the Saronic, Ionian, and Cyclades.

Only 227 of 6000 islands are inhabited, making a luxury yacht charter in Greece a perfect choice. The best season to visit is during the summer months, from June to September, when temperatures reach a maximum of 38 degrees. Discover the enticing nightlife of Mykonos, the romantic sunset over the

beautiful caldera in Santorini, and the remote, powdery-soft beaches of Milos. Some places can only be accessed by boat and are a must-visit for your trip, like Voutoumi beach in Antipaxos, and Seychelles beach in Ikaria. Things to do on the islands include beach and bar hopping, exploring quaint villages, snorkeling, dining at traditional Greek taverns, playing with water toys, and enjoying the idyllic beaches, where you can kick back and relax like a local.

Local Culture and Cuisine

Greek culture has a rich history that dates back thousands of years. It boasts influences from the Mycenaen era, and the Roman and Byzantine Empires. Notable are also the influences of the Latin and Frankish states, the Ottoman Empire, the Venetian Republic, the Genoese Republic, and the British Empire. Greek cuisine is delicious and is based on the Mediterranean diet, including dishes like spanakopita, souvlaki, moussaka, pastitsio, and the infamous classic Greek salad. Ask the crew to pick up some local pastries, such as spanakopita and tiropita, so you can give them a try for breakfast alfresco on the deck, while you take in the beautiful view.

Best places for wining and dining

Both Mykonos and Santorini, have ample fine dining options, while other islands boast traditional Greek eateries with food cooked from the heart which is sure to impress.

Visit the romantic Lycabettus restaurant, perfectly situated on the most beautiful dining balcony in Oia, Santorini just by the waterfront. Amidst a picturesque setting, Lycabettus offers a comprehensive degustation menu. Enjoy a selection of fresh seafood and tender meats. Sample cod artfully paired with beurre blanc and garum yuzu kosho, herbal cream, and pickled onion. Delight in a succulent wagyu striploin, with celeriac pomme souffle and black truffle Japanese beef sauce. An experience that is sure to be remembered.

Yacht Hunter Recommends - Don’t miss out!

Visit Elafonisi Beach, in wonderful Crete. One of the few beaches in the world which are adorned with pink-white sand, this beach satisfies with turquoise pool-like waters. Moor up and walk through shallow ankle-deep waters, taking dives as the water level rises, and discover this one-of-a-kind beach.


Santorini is located at the southernmost point of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea. The most famous and most photographed town on the island is Oia, a cluster of snow-white houses along narrow streets, with blue-domed churches and sunny verandas right on the rocks. 

One of the most romantic places in the world Santorini adored for its breathtaking sunsets and enrapturing scenery and is definitely the place to visit during your stay on your private yacht.


The island of Mikonos known throughout the world for its wild nightlife. Visitors unwind in cozy bars and huge clubs that stay open till dawn. All its glamour and splendor notwithstanding, Mikonos also offers just as much natural beauty and traditional Greek scenery.
The more traditional Greek villages located on the north of the island beckon with their tranquil and isolated atmosphere. Ornos Beach is an excellent place to drop anchor as a base to study the island.


The Cyclades are the most popular charter destination among the Greek islands. This naturally beautiful archipelago is located in the very center of the Aegean Sea. The name Cyclades comes from the Greek word kÍiklos, meaning circle, as the islands form a circle around the island of Delos.
The islands’ close proximity to each other enables guests to take real pleasure from a calm and convenient passage from one to another on a privately chartered yacht. The small, far-away islands in the Cyclades offer unprecedented privacy, and the major islands offer many opportunities for outdoor activities. The main islands in this captivating cluster are Mikonos, Paros, Naxos, Delos and, of course, Santorini to name a few.


The second-largest of the Ionian Islands and located the furthest north, Corfu can be the start point for your idyllic rest on a private yacht. A yacht charter to Corfu is the best way to enjoy the crystal clear water, glittering sandy coves and untamed natural landscape. Italian, French, and British influence have mixed to form its rich culture and fantastic cuisine and winemaking: you can expect mountains of seafood accompanied by meat dishes that generally use lamb. 
The island’s eventful history has left its mark: here and there in its towns, you may see the traces of ancient epochs that make the island a paradise for those interested in architecture and history. 
Corfu offers several strategically placed marinas for yachts offering you a chance to uncover all of the island’s secrets. Alternatively, you could always drop anchor in any of its countless secluded bays.    


Hydra is an island in the triangle forming the new Greek Riviera. Together, this group is one of the most fascinating cruise areas in the world, offering fantastic beaches and prominent historic monuments, expertly combining the traditional and the cosmopolitan.
This picturesque Greek island is probably most famous for its public transport, which consists entirely of donkeys. Motor vehicles are forbidden, ensuring clean air and a wild, unspoiled atmosphere inimitable for other popular yacht destinations in the Mediterranean. The best thing to do on Hydra is to do nothing - use this chance to recharge your batteries and try to embrace its warm, lazy way of life.


Skiathos is the smallest island in the Sporades archipelago, boasting an untouched shoreline with perfect beaches, thick pine slopes, and a cool summer breeze. Its stunning nature lives alongside the frenetic life of its bars and restaurants, forcing tourists to come back again and again.


Kephalonia, the largest among the Ionian Islands, is famous for its sandy bays, remarkably blue water and rugged coast. In August, the island comes to life thanks to festivals and religious events. After chartering a yacht, you will find yourself on incredible beaches far away from well-worn tourist trails.


The mythical Greek region of the Peloponnese will take you on a journey through time, from antiquity to the cosmopolitan flavor of modern Greece.

Located in the southernmost part of Greece, the Peloponnese peninsula encompasses a beautiful coastline teeming with private yachts.

The first capital of Greece, Nafplio is a must-see and is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Greece.

The western coast of the Peloponnese boasts beautiful beaches of fine golden sand and remote idyllic promenades. Meanwhile, the east coast is indented by cliffs with rich vegetation and is where most of the historic sites can be found. The waters of the Peloponnese offer an active holiday for divers: the marine life of the Mediterranean Sea and many shipwrecks make diving here incomparable.

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