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Key Cruising Areas

The French Riviera is considered one of the most popular charter destinations in the world. Chartering a yacht in the south of France is a fabulous experience, as it is only here that the chic and glitter of the stars of the French Riviera intertwine with the charm of the secluded island of Porquerolles or the discreet elegance of Villefranche-sur-Mer.
Each town or small coastal village has its own unique character. Come ashore and stroll through the authentic markets, drop in at designer shops, and taste the local cuisine in a simple cafe or a luxurious Michelin restaurant. Immerse yourself in the local culture, savor the fine vintage wines for which the region is renowned, and spend your time the way you want it — hedonistic France that can satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Local Culture

A yacht charter in Nice takes you comfortably to the works of the great Picasso, Chagall and Matisse. You will be able to personally touch the world's cultural heritage,

trace the breadth of thought of creators, discover new facets of perception of reality. Go to a fine art exhibition in Nice, see the architectural masterpieces of Cannes.

Local Cuisine

Go ashore and lose yourself in the French art de Vivre. Pick up some crispy croissants and coffee at an outdoor café, visit a local food market, dine as the French do at a traditional bistro, and sip champagne in one of the historic cellars. French cuisine should definitely be a key part of your trip! Moreover, there are many stunning restaurants along the Riviera. UNESCO has even declared French gastronomy a vital part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage.

The coastline of this region holds many treasures filled with beautiful and charismatic coastal towns to explore, along with pretty islands. Explore the miniature coves and bays along the rugged coastline of the Côte d’Azur luxury yacht charter, and step ashore to indulge your hedonistic side through the night. The Cote d’Azur hosts a glittering calendar of social and sporting events throughout the summer months. 


This beautiful city famous for the Cannes Film Festival and luxury yacht exhibition at the end of summer blends the luxury and brilliance of the Côte d'Azur. Excellent shopping in the best boutiques on the coast can be combined with a stroll along the city's famous Boulevard La Croisette, which winds along the sandy beach.


Nice is a treasury of culture values, and is one of the largest cities in France. The city was home to avant-garde artists and impressionists, including Picasso and Chagal. Take a look at the Matisse collection in the local museum. Walkthrough the city’s center and get inspiration from the breathtaking baroque architecture before taking a seat in one of the Michelin-starred restaurants. You could spend an evening at the ballet in Nice Opera House.


Antibes’ contrasting appearance charms unsuspecting visitors: an imposing medieval fort and carefree snow-white yachts passing along the embankment; white pebble beaches and dark, pine-covered hills giving way to snow-capped mountains. Don’t forget to get a look at the ancient lighthouse on Antibes Cape from the sea.


One of the most beautiful bays in the world, as reflected in its numerous portrayals by great artists and photographers, is located in the town of Villefranche-sur-Mer. Just like its seasoned, luxurious neighbor Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Villefranche-sur-Mer is famous for its discreet elegance. It is a very intimate, compact town. Its stunning beach, nestled between the old town and dark pine forests, is considered one of the best beaches on the Riviera. 


Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat stands apart from its noisy hedonistic neighbors and has the very special atmosphere of an authentic French bourgeois town. To this day, the stunning climate on the cape, convenient location, tranquility, harmony and calmness attract the global elite to the city.


Corsica attracts travelers with its rugged coastline, gorgeous sandy beaches and majestic mountains. Both French and Italian cultures can be found in the cuisine, architecture and dialect of the island.
Corsica, located south of mainland France and west of Italy, is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean and, despite its popularity, remains largely undiscovered by tourists. It is a great yacht charter destination, with secluded coves, golden sands and kilometers of scenic coastline. There is no better way to explore the hidden treasures of this wonderful island than aboard a luxury superyacht.
For beach lovers, Valinko Bay is not to be missed - it is home to some of the most beautiful beaches the island has to offer. Cruise Palombaggia, Santa Giulia and Rondinara - each offering stunning stretches of golden sand. Walk the turquoise waters of Campomoro before heading to the charming and wonderful town of Bonifacio on the southern tip of Corsica. Bonifacio offers one of the harbor's most memorable entrances.

Yacht Hunter recommends

If you are looking for new experiences, yacht charter in Italy is the perfect opportunity for spectacular discoveries.

Veer off from the luxurious, pleasure-seeking Côte d'Azur set your yacht’s course to Italy and the Island of Corsica. This is a unique place where the old and the new blend into one, and easy-going Mediterranean style is mixed with the chic and modern French way of life. The distinct flavor of Italy found its way to Corsica through customs, and left a large imprint on the language and cuisine, something you will definitely sense during your Corsican holiday on a chartered yacht.