For centuries, the Bahamas attracted seafarers — explorers, traders and dashing pirates, who were a boon to the many secluded harbors. Christopher Columbus called this place baja mar, meaning a shallow lake, and since then the Bahamas has gone by this nickname. Now the blue waters protected from the surge are a personal paradise for longing holidaymakers on private yachts.

Best Beach

A piece of tropical perfection, the exquisite idyllic chain consisting of 700 islands forming the Bahamas offers unprecedented escapism. Fascinating cocktail made of numerous sun-soaked sandbanks and green coves, amazingly clear waters rich in colourful sea life, they are the earthly heaven that you may reach on a private yacht.

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Picturesque authentic cities full of energy and a frenetic rhythm offer a wide range of entertainment options, making the sun-drenched Bahamas the ideal destination for travelers of all ages. From fabulous casinos and world-class golf courses to remote anchorages, each island has its own distinct personality. A huge number of festivals fill the streets with noisy and colourful parades and the pulsating rhythm of drums, where every evening turns into a party, and each day is more and more inspiring than the last.

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