Scheherazade's tales, embodied in reality in our time, are a magical mirage in the middle of endless deserts. The modern megapolises along the Persian Gulf lure tourists with astonishing Arabic architecture combined with cutting-edge scientific technologies. Each of the emirates offers guests unique options for luxury yacht cruises. The only thing they have in common is fabulous beach vacations and unforgettable shopping in designer boutiques or noisy bazaars.

Charter a yacht in UAE

The coastline of the Arab Emirates is a real treasure trove of wealth and the landscape’s magnificent beauty. Offering incredible opportunities for exhilarating, extraordinary adventures, the emirates are rapidly gaining popularity among luxury yacht charter enthusiasts. It is a land of glittering skyscrapers, artificial islands, seven-star hotels, luxury boutiques, and supercars wherever you look. The Arab Emirates is a must visit destination for everyone fascinated with Arabic exotic and at the same time respecting comfort. 

Abu Dhabi

The largest of the seven emirates, the eponymous capital of the United Arab Emirates, resplendent Abu Dhabi is the choice for those who prefer a luxurious vacation and will not compromise.. The city’s most prominent landmark is the Ferrari World Amusement Park. This is where the Formula 1 courses are located. Yas Marina is the annual home of the prestigious Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which, along with Monaco, is the leading Formula 1 event.
The perfect excuse to charter a private yacht in Abu Dhabi is to join the armada of spectacular superyachts that gather at the harbor to enjoy the views of the track.


Fujairah is the only emirate that borders the Indian Ocean. This is a breathtaking region with a naturally tropical landscape, green hills and rugged mountains. The climate here is much milder, and there is a wide variety of plant and animal life. The coral reefs attract divers, and the cozy urban area is great for people who appreciate sedate beach holidays.  
This destination for yacht charter is chosen by those who prefer the untouched nature and cooler waters of the Indian Ocean. Feast your eyes on the beautiful scenery and spend time with your friends and family on the water.

Yacht Hunter recommends

The Persian Gulf current is smooth all year round, allowing you to easily embark on a yacht in any season. A yacht charter in the UAE offers the unique opportunity to view the amazing beauty of the city and coastal attractions from the waters of the Persian Gulf. A yacht charter route along the Persian Gulf is the ideal way to see the different emirates and/or to stop on the way to the magnificent Seychelles or the Maldives. 

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