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Monaco may be one of the world's smallest countries, but when it comes to private yachts, it's one of the largest. Known for its exceptional grandeur and timeless elegance, Monaco has long been a playground for the world's elite. Its winding streets are illuminated with the splendor of world-class restaurants and luxurious hotels.
Take a stroll through the charming streets of the Old Town or relax in the serene shade of Jardin Exotique's trees. Visit the Oceanographic Museum, headed by the legendary Jacques Yves Cousteau, or indulge in one of the exceptional restaurants offering French and Italian cuisine. Monaco is also a cultural center with exquisite shopping centers full of designer boutiques. Experience the opera or ballet at the Garnier Hall or try your luck at the famous Monte Carlo casino.
Monte Carlo, the capital of Monaco, hosts the annual Grand Prix de Monaco. While most spectators on shore jostle for space in overcrowded hotels and restaurants, the privileged few watch the race in comfort and privacy onboard their yachts. Monaco is truly a gem of a destination, where luxury and culture blend seamlessly.

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