17 Apr 2023
Superyacht Do’s and Dont’s

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As your yachting holiday draws near, it is tall to ensure that your preparations are in order. If you have an upcoming yachting adventure, it is natural to have inquiries concerning the expected etiquette during your time on the luxurious superyacht. To help navigate this complex landscape, we have compiled a list of essential dos and don'ts that every yachter should adhere to.

Superyacht Dos

The conduct of a yachting aficionado must invariably revolve around respectfulness and strict adherence to rules. As such, we have carefully curated a list of three essential dos of chartering a superyacht that every discerning yachter should be aware of:

Cultivate Courteousness

Etiquette dictates that a well-mannered guest is always welcome. When chartering a yacht, it is imperative to cultivate an attitude of respect and politeness toward your crew. Your crew endeavors tirelessly to make your stay onboard as pleasurable and comfortable as possible by organizing activities, maintaining cleanliness, and preparing delicious meals. It is, therefore, essential to treat them with the respect and consideration they deserve.

Prioritize Safety

A comprehensive safety briefing is an indispensable aspect of any yachting adventure. You will receive essential information on life jackets, lifeboats, fire precautions, and emergency procedures, which must be taken seriously. These rules are crucial for your safety, and must be stringently followed for the duration of your voyage.

Respect Deck Etiquette

One of the fundamental rules of yacht etiquette is to remove your shoes before stepping onto the deck. In some cases, special yacht shoes may be provided, while in others, shoes are prohibited altogether. This rule ensures that the deck remains in impeccable condition and helps to create a serene, relaxing environment onboard.

Superyacht Donts

As a conscientious and discerning yachter, it is equally important to be aware of what not to do when chartering a superyacht. We present three essential points to remember:

Do Not Ask the Crew to Babysit Your Children

It is important to note that your crew members are not hired to care for your children. While it may be tempting to enlist their help, this is not their responsibility. Instead, consider bringing a nanny or caregiver with you on your yachting holiday or plan activities that are family-friendly.

Do Not Argue with the Captain

As the captain is responsible for the safety and smooth operation of the yacht, it is essential to respect their authority. While guests are entitled to make requests, it is imperative to accept the captain's final decisions regarding the vessel's condition, operation, and safety.

Do Not Smoke in Restricted Areas

It is customary for smoking to be restricted in yacht cabins and interior spaces, and usually only allowed in designated outdoor areas. If you or a guest in your party is a smoker, ensure that you are aware of the designated smoking areas and smoke on the downwind side of the yacht to avoid inconveniencing others.

Do Not Intrude into Private Crew Areas

As with any hospitality establishment, it is imperative to respect the crew's privacy and personal space. Avoid wandering into private or staff-only areas of the yacht, as these spaces are intended for crew members' rest and relaxation. Maintaining these boundaries allows for a harmonious relationship between guests and crew, ensuring an enjoyable yachting experience for all involved.


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As our discussion draws to a close, it is vital to reiterate the importance of adhering to certain guidelines when chartering a superyacht. While these rules may not be rigidly defined, they are widely accepted as the foundation of proper yachting etiquette. By following these guidelines, guests can ensure that their experience onboard is pleasant, comfortable, and enjoyable for all involved.