1 Feb 2023
Island Hopping in Greece

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Island hopping in Greece makes for a spectacular yachting holiday. You can experience all the magic, culture, and wonder Greek islands have to offer. From luxurious beaches to shipwrecks, ancient ruins, and fascinating architecture. Greek island hopping is an adventure not to be missed.

Here is our pick of the three best Greek places to charter to.


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One of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes is steeped in beauty and culture. Medieval and ancient Greek history weaved together on this unique island. Rhodes boasts natural charm and allure. It has lush green pine forests, as well as quaint mountain villages. Surrounded by dazzling turquoise seas, Rhodes is also famous for its beautiful sandy beaches.

While visiting Rhodes, make sure you take a tour of Lindos. Lindos Acropolis in particular is an impressive site. It was home to the cult of Athena and the cult of Zeus at different times throughout history. The castle ruins are surrounded by impressive fortress walls. Explore the ruins of temples, as well as a theatre large enough for 1800 spectators.

When you’ve finished exploring the Acropolis, head to the town. The streets are like a cobblestoned maze, with white flat-roofed cottages and traditional courtyards. Do some shopping in the local boutiques and stop for a bite to eat in a fabulous restaurant. Lindos’ nightlife is also relatively vibrant. There are taverns, pubs, and clubs; something to suit all.

Navagio Beach and Marathonisi Island, Zakynthos

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Zakynthos is an exotic island located west of mainland Greece. It is a popular Greek island hopping destination due to its natural splendor and peaceful, friendly atmosphere.

One of the best attractions in Zakynthos is Navagio Beach; also known as Shipwreck Beach. The beach is nestled in a bay of tall white cliffs. Sitting on the soft sand is a rusty cargo ship that has become a famous must-see attraction among tourists. Furthermore, Navagio Beach can only be accessed by yacht, making it perfect for yachters.

Another fantastic Zakynthos attraction is Marathonisi Island, an inlet just a few miles south of Zakynthos. The island is nicknamed Turtle Island. It is home to sea turtles which you may be lucky enough to observe in their natural habitat. Snorkelling provides a great opportunity for seeing these amazing sea creatures, as well as an abundance of other sea life.

Spinalonga Island

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Spinalonga Island has an interesting story behind it. In 1904, when there were misconceptions about the disease, lepers were sent to Spinalonga Island to wait for their deaths. The leper community had to fend for themselves in inhumane conditions and with no running water. It wasn't until a young law student was wrongly sent there in 1936 that things began to change for the residents. The student established “The Brotherhood of the Sick of Spinalonga”.

After this, the community slowly became a better place. It had cleaning services, street lights, a coffee shop, and even a cinema and theatre. It became a true community. The colony closed in 1957 and the island was abandoned.

Spinalonga Island is now a favorite tourist attraction. It contains a medieval citadel, a lonely church, a graveyard, and an abandoned village. The whole island has an eerie and mysterious vibe to it; brilliant for those in your yachting party who enjoy a scary story.

Which Islands Will You Explore?

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A Greece island hopping trip will be filled with awe and splendor. Their rich history and culture make chartering to these islands a truly fascinating adventure. Whichever islands you choose to visit when you rent a yacht, be sure to explore as many fabulous destinations as time will permit.