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17 May 2023
Where to Yacht this Summer

It’s that time of year again. The weather’s heating up and yachters all across the globe are prepping for their yacht charter getaway. If you’re thinking about where to venture this summer, consider chartering to the beautiful Mediterranean where you’ll find gorgeous beaches, breathtaking scenery, and fascinating wildlife.

Today, we’re going to look at three top yacht charter havens in the Mediterranean for you to explore.


Find out more about Croatia

Croatia is steeped in beauty and history. Did you know that a 7,000-year-old road has recently been found under the Mediterranean Sea in Croatia? This magnificent find highlights the rich history of this intriguing republic.

Immerse yourself in the historical splendor of Hvar. Drop anchor in Hvar Port and endeavor to climb the cobbled streets of the impressive medieval Hvar Fortress. This offers splendid views of the Pakleni Islands. When you reach the top, enjoy a beverage or two while you soak up your surroundings.

After you’ve conquered the fortress, travel even further back in time and head to Humac, an abandoned village that dates back to 5000 BC. Nearby, you’ll find the prehistoric Grapčeva cave where items, like pottery, belonging to its ancient inhabitants were discovered.


Find out more about Italy

South of the Italian Peninsula, you’ll find the gorgeous Sicily; the Mediterranean’s largest island. Take a cruise around Sicily and marvel at the mountain views, clear waters, and sandy beaches.

One of the most picturesque beaches in Sicily has got to be Sala Dei Turchi. The quint beach is nestled snugly at the foot of impressive white cliffs. These cliffs look like huge staircases thanks to years of sea erosion.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to whip out your snorkeling gear, we have just the haven in Sicily. Isola Bella is a protected Marine site where you’ll encounter plenty of aquatic life during your snorkeling experience. See if you can spot an octopus, sea horse, or stonefish swimming beneath the turquoise waters.


More info about Malta

Last on our list of yacht charter haven in the Mediterranean destinations is Malta. This beautiful gem is an island located in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta’s capital city is Lavetta which is situated on the coast. Lavetta has a grand harbor, making it an ideal pit stop on your charter holiday.

The city itself is fortified with impressive walls. Fort St Elmo was built in 1552 and has protected the city and its residents during many battles over the years, including WW2. It now houses the National War Museum, which is full of fascinating treasures from history. Fort St. Elmo and the museum are both well worth a visit and are within a stone's throw of the harbor.

Plus, during your visit to the fort, you might be lucky enough to view one of the town’s regular reenactments of the medieval period. Reenacters don authentic knight gear and participate in military drills and sparring fights; great fun for all the family.

Get Ready for a Mediterranean Charter Haven

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A yacht charter to the Mediterranean in the spring and summer months is a fantastic experience that will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the year. Whether you want a relaxing, mellow getaway or a historic adventure, the Mediterranean has it all.